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Server Setup

How to set up CreatureCraft

1. First, invite CreatureCraft to your server!

  • Grant the permissions that the bot asks for

2. We suggest creating a dedicated #creaturecraft channel in your server


3. Use CreatureCraft’s /help command in any channel

  • In the message you see from the bot, select the channel(s) you would like to enable CreatureCraft commands to work in from the drop-down menu

    • Ensure that the bot has the discord permissions to post messages and upload files on the channel(s) you plan to use for CreatureCraft

4. Start generating!

For more control over channels and commands

1. Create and give yourself (and any other mods you want to include) the “CreatureCraft-Mod” role

  • This will let users with that role perform moderator actions such as configuring CreatureCraft permissions

  • This role doesn’t need any special permissions to interact with the bot

2. In the channel you would like to configure, use the /permission command, and type in "default" for the “permission_name” option and "on" for the “value” option

  • (you can also just copy/paste: "/permission permission_name: default value:on")

  • This will enable all bot commands to work in that channel

3. You can turn individual commands on and off in any channel, to set up your server however you want it!

  • To do so, use the /permission command; enter the command/feature you want to modify for the “permission_name” option, and "on" or "off" for the “value” option

  • (for example, we recommend having dedicated channels for trading and for dueling)

  • Use the /permission command without any options to see the current permissions in the channel you're in

4. Here is a list of all commands/features that can be toggled with /permission (don't forget the slash for the commands listed with a slash below!):

  • /affinities

  • /archive

  • /cc

  • /craftcreature

  • /creature

  • /explore

  • /lb

  • /more

  • /pinata

  • /vs


  • turn all permissions on/off


  • allow users to show off cards to everyone


  • post a message in the channel whenever the bot is restarted (for maintenance and updates)

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