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How to play


Use the /hub command to see your hub: this shows you a snapshot of your account, convenient buttons for major game actions, and tutorial hints!


Upgrade the quality of your companions to increase their efficiency in quests, duels, and raids. To do so, you need Gold, obtained from /quest, and Ashes, obtained by burning unwanted cards.

You’ll need the right quality of ashes to upgrade cards, but you can /transmute ashes to increase their quality.


Use the /generate command, followed by a brief description, to create brand-new companions! This command will generate three unique companions based on the prompt, and all users in that channel can attempt to claim them. You’ll always have first dibs on your choice of card when you generate.

To generate, you need Tokens, which you can obtain by leveling up or answering a /daily question


Send your companions on a /quest to earn gold, /duel other players, or participate in server-wide Raids to benefit everyone. All of these are AI-generated and will dynamically incorporate your characters into their scenarios!


Use the /drop command to reissue three random existing companions, for all users in that channel to attempt to claim. You can do this more often than generate, so make sure to do so to build up your collection!

Player XP

Most actions you can take, such as /generate, /drop, /quest, /duel, raids, and more, grant you player XP. Every level will grant you an additional Token to generate with. Later levels can grant higher-rarity Tokens, which are more likely to generate higher-rarity companions!

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