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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I write a good prompt?
    Be specific! The more detail you provide, the more nuanced creatures you can make. Avoid vague terminology (does “radical” mean “cool” or “ideologically far-leaning”?). As an example “a squirrel suntanning on a beach in Hawaii” is a good prompt - it has a clearly defined subject, activity, and location, which gives generative AI plenty of context to pull material from
  • What's is rarity?
    Rarity is determined by a companion’s total stat points, and is intrinsic to that companion - it cannot be changed or upgraded. Higher-rarity creatures have higher base stats, and you can pay more credits to craft at a higher Tier which will increase your odds of crafting a higher-rarity creature.
  • How are a companion's stats determined?
    When a creature is crafted, it is assigned a random number of stat points. You can spend money to improve your odds of crafting a creature with higher stats.
  • What is affinity, and what does it do?
    Affinity is an AI-determined measure of how effective one move is expected to be against your opponent (e.g. "fire beats ice"). Depending on affinity, an attack can deal as little as half damage or as high as double damage to opponents.
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