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User Commands


display all of your active cooldowns for various game action

/duel [target]

target: a discord user (@)

challenge the chosen user to a duel


display a list of commands and links to other resources

/list [optional:user]

user: a discord user (@)

shows a compact text list of the chosen user’s inventory (or self, if unspecified)

/poke [target][optional:action]

target: a discord user (@)

action: text input, such as “throw a pie”

will poke another user, notifying them and generating a fun interaction based on the action

/trade [card id 1][card id 2]

card id: the id of a companion/card

initiate a trade request of card 1 for card 2, if you own card 1. will ping the owner of card 2


verifies you as a user and allows you to interact with the bot; only needs to be done once


answer a daily question for gold and tokens

/generate [prompt]

Prompt: text input, such as “a banana wearing sunglasses” 

generate and drop three new cards, based on the prompt


show your hub, which gives you a snapshot of your account, convenient buttons for major game actions, and tutorial hints


allows you to configure which notifications you receive from the CreatureCraft bot


initiate a quest, picking a companion to send to earn gold


show the transmute menu, where you can transmute ashes to change their quality

/view [card id]

card id: the id of a companion/card

view the chosen card to see more details about it


drop three reissues of existing cards onto the server for anybody to claim

/give [recipient][card id]

recipient: a user (use with @)

card id: the id of a companion/card

gives the chosen card to the recipient (you can only give things you own!)


show your inventory of companions


whack the currently active pinata in the channel to try to break it open, or start a new one


initiate a race with some recently active cards on the server

/unwishlist [card id]

card id: the id of a companion/card

remove the chosen card from your wishlist

/wishlist [card id]

card id: the id of a companion/card


add the chosen card to your wishlist

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